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Pureprayer extends warmest greetings the devotees for the occasion of Deepavali and Karteekmaas. Wishing this Deepavali bring a lot of cheer to your life, let us embark on Spiritual Journeys during this holy occasion to temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Pureprayer take you on a SpiRitual Journey to Triyugi Narayan temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu situated in the Garhwal regions of Himalayas on the occasion of Bali Padyami.

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Where is Tri Yugi Narayan Temple?       

Triyuginarayan is a picturesque village in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand state at an elevation of 1980m (7200ft) of Himalayan Garhwal region. Triyugi village is situated about 27 km from the famous Kedarnath temple, which forms a part of Char Dham. You can also see the confluence of sacred Mandakini and Songanaga rivers near this village. Triyugi Narayan temple in this village is a very ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This region is considered as the birthplace of Vamana, who sought three paces of land from the demon king Maha Bali. Hence, Triyugi Narayan is known as Vamana Kshetra.

What is the importance of Tri Yugi Narayan Temple?

Lord Shiva and Parvati wed here. Creator Brahma took part in the wedding as Purohit (priest). Lord Vishnu did the Kanyadaan procedure of giving the hand of Parvati to Shiva as her brother with Agni as witness in the sacred fire. This sacred fire is even now burning in the temple. This is called Akhand Dhuni. Hence, this region is a very important for the seekers of spirituality.

Tri means the number three. Yugi means a time scale described in the Vedic scriptures. Maha Yuga is the epoch time period of four Yugas namely Krita Yug or Satya Yug, Treta Yug, Dwapar Yug and Kali Yug.   Narayan means the protector of all. Devotees undertaking pilgrimage bring wood and Samith (sacred wood pieces) to Triyugi Narayan and offer them to the sacred fire of Akhanda Dhuni. The ashes obtained are are very precious. The sacred fire is said to be alive for more than three Yugas in Triyugi Narayan temple.

What is the legend about Triyugi Narayan Temple?

After Sati, the daughter of Daksha sacrificed her life, she was reborn as the daughter of Himavant and Mainadevi. As she was very beautiful, Parvati tried to win over Shiva with it and failed. Then Parvati realized that Shiva can be won over only through pure heart. She performed an arduous penance at Gaurikund near the Triyugi village.

Gupta Kashi is believed to be the place where, Shiva gave Darshan to Parvati and accepted her selfless love. A stone called Brahmashila marks the place of the marriage. Gods are said to have taken bath in the three waterbodies called Rudrakund, Vishnukund and Brahmakund. Saraswatikund is believed to be the source of water to all these waterbodies.

What is the historical background of Tri Yugi Narayan Temple?

Advaita philosopher Sri Adi Shankaracharya is said to have revived the temples in this region and established Jyotirmath which is known by the name Joshi Mutt. A two foot silver idol adorns the temple along with images of Lakshmi and Saraswati. Also present are the images of Badari Narayan, Sita, Ram and Kuber.

Features of Triyugi Narayan Temple:

Triyugi Narayan temple is said to have resemblance to Kedarnath temple and Badari Nath Temples in architecture. Bhadrapadmaas Shukla Dwadashi is time for celebrations in Tri Yugi Narayan temple. Annual Mela takes place here during Bhadrapad maas.

Triyugi village is an ideal location for treks. Many take up treks in this region and carry home, the memories of scenic beauty, nature, pristine rivers and many more.

What are the nearby temples?

Kedarnath Mandir, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located about 27 km from Triyugi Narayan, near Mandakini River. Kedarnath is one of the Jyotirlinga temples and believed to have been worshipped by Pandavas. It forms a part of Chardham Yatra. The temple can be visited in the season between April and November. Worships are continued to the idols in Ukhi Math for remaining six months due to extreme weather conditions in the region.

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