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Vedic & Experienced Pandit for Sathabhishekam | Sahasrachandra Darshanam at your home

PurePrayer provides Best Pandit or Purohit for Sathabhishekam. You can consult our astrologers for all your Pujas and Homas and to plan the event well in advance.

We offer highly hygienic and sanitized Homa Kuteera or Kshetra destinations to choose for a safe and happy celebration.

Sathabhishekam is an important Shantikarya celebration event performed for good health and longevity of the couple, where the husband has completed eighty years (80) or have witnessed 1000 full moons in their lifetime. It is usually performed after 7 or 8 months post their 80th Birthday, when they become eligible for this ritual to be performed. This ritual is performed by the couple’s children or relatives.

A man’s full life is said to be 120years. In this long journey through life, several stages are celebrated as auspicious and Shantikarya is carried out. The mid-point of sixty years is celebrated as Shashthiyabdapoorti. Completion of seventy, seventy five, eighty, ninety and hundred years are venerated. These are celebrated as Ugraratha Shanti, Bhimaratha Shanti, Vijayaratha Shanti, Sahasrachandra Darshan Shanti and Shatamanotsav. By celebrating these special events, their family are blessed with God grace. The performer’s wishes for good health and happiness are said to be fulfilled.

Sathabhishekam Vidhi

Sathabhishekam Puja Vidhi can consist of worshipping Griha Devatas (Gods) like Ganapati, Lakshmi Narayana, Shiva Parvati or others. Also worshipped are Ishta Devatas (Favorite Gods) like Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy, Shirdi Sai Baba, Dattatreya Swamy and many more. Sankalpam, Punyaha vachanam, Kalasha Sthapanam, Ganapati Puja, Devatarchana, Homa and other ceremonies are performed with a request to all the gods seeking their continued benevolence and blessings is of importance.

You choose to perform Homas like Ayush Homa, Mrityunjaya Homa, Dhanvatari homa, Nakshatra Homa, Pavamana Homa, or other recommended Pujas by astrologers along with these. Some even choose to perform nine different Homams on this joyous occasion of Sahasrachandra Darshanam.

Kalashabhishekam, Mangala Snananm, Mangalyadhaaranam and many important and interesting Shastras are carried out as per traditional practice.

Sahasra Chandra Darshanam or Sathabhishekam, can be a great occasion for the family and friends to come together and celebrate reaching the milestone of eighty years.

Sathabhishekam can be performed at a temple, Teertha Kshetra, a Convention Hall, or in individual homes as well.

Our Service Assurance:

Pureprayer offers puja and homam services, both in ashrams and locations of your choice, performed by Vedic scholars who can speak multiple languages, including Bengali, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, kannada and many more. Sathabhishekam can be performed in Kshetras like Gokarna, Ghati Subrahmanya, Kollur, Sri Kalahasti, Thirupampuram, Thirunageshwaram, Vaitheeswaran Koil and many more.

Service Includes:

  • Astrology support to help devotees with puja related queries
  • All transfers from devotee location to Temple and local transportation in AC vehicles
  • Transparent puja pricing and explanation of procedures
  • Booking of Budget or Luxury accommodation at location
  • Leisure and sightseeing trips (on-request)
  • Sattvik food

Online Puja & Homam Service:

Pureprayer offers online homam and puja services for devotees who cannot be present in-person at the pooja location. We perform all poojas and homas at any of our network of pooja mandirs, Kshetras and Homa Kuteeras. Our qualified vedic purohits will perform the pooja as per the prescribed procedures with a sankalpam. We can create a short video of the sankalpa along with the mantra chanting and sent to the devotee on WhatsApp. If the devotee prefers to remotely participate during the pooja or homam, we can connect with the purohits at pooja mandirs via a live video call using any of the video calling apps (WhatsApp, Zoom, Duo or Skype).

Frequently asked questions

What is Sathabhishekam?

Sathabhishekam is the name given to the Mangalasnanam (Bathe with Holy waters) that is carried out to the grand-parents. This is performed when the grandfather has crossed the age of eighty years. This is also known as Sahasra Chandra Darshanam.

What is the significance of Sathabhishekam?

When the grand parent has reached the milestone of seeing 1000 full moons in the life, this puja is performed thanking Gods for providing such a full and satisfactory life.

What are the benefits of Sathabhishekam?

  • Longevity
  • Good health
  • Harmony and peace in the family
  • Prosperity

What are the preparations required for Sathabhishekam?

  • Consultations with the astrologer for going through the Janma Patrika (Birth-Chart)
  • Selection of the right Thithi as per the Hindu Panchangam for celebration
  • Choice of Pujas and Homas for better health, wealth and prosperity
  • Selection of remedial Puja or homa as part of the celebration
  • Selection of Venue and other arrangements

Why is Thirukkadaiyyur a destination for Sathabhishekam?

The legend about the importance of Thirukkadaiyyur is connected with Rishi (sage) Markandeya who had a curse of short life. Puranas mention that, Markandeya prayed Lord Shiva in this region and was blessed with longevity.

What are the other destinations for performing Sathabhishekam?

Sathabhishekam can be performed at a temple, Teertha Kshetras, a Convention Hall, or in individual homes as well.

We offer highly hygienic and sanitized Homa Kuteera or Kshetra destinations Kollur, Horanadu, Gokarna, Rameswaram to choose for a safe and happy celebration.


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