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Price Range: 22000- 24000

Saraswati Homam | Saraswati Poojai for academic success

PurePrayer provides best and highly meritorious Pandits for performing Saraswati Homam in your residence and offers important Kshetras for performing the Pujas, Homam or Havan.

You can consult our astrologers for all your Puja needs and to plan the event well in advance. We offer highly hygienic and sanitized Homa Kuteera or Kshetra destinations to choose for a safe and satisfactory puja. We can conduct the puja through a video call or perform puja at a Kshetra on your behalf and send you a video of the puja.

PurePrayer is India’s best online puja platform and an Official Partner for Govt. Of Karnataka for Online Pujas and Sevas bookings in Muzrai Temples. PurePrayer offers best Purohit Services for your home and office Puja needs.

Saraswati Homam is performed to invoke the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Goddess Saraswati is believed to be the personification of intelligence, memory power, logic and reasoning skills. Achieve success in your academic pursuits, literary and other spheres of learning with the blessings of the Divine Mother who can remove all obstacles in your path to success. One can feel the positive vibrations from the homam resonate through your being, uplifting your creative abilities.

Performing Saraswati Homam or Saraswathi Poojai brings out the best from within yourself and turn you into an inspiration for others to achieve their true potential. Perform Saraswathi Poojai or Homam with our Vedic pandits who can speak Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and various other languages.

Saraswati Homam, Saraswathi Poojai

Saraswati Homam | Saraswathi Poojai

The Saraswati Homam is a very unique Vedic ritual that can endow you with the potential and confidence to achieve incredible success in all facets of education, knowledge, music and learning. One will experience renewed  vigor and skill sets to come out with flying colors in all that they undertake. Worship Goddess Saraswati with devotion to overcome obstacles, achieve milestones and attain success in your endeavors.  If you are a student, then there is no better pooja or homam than Saraswati Homam, as she is the goddess of wisdom and knowledge.

Saraswathi Devi is the partner of Lord Brahma, the creator of our universe, and is the goddess of knowledge and arts. It is said that Lord Brahma created the world and its beings, only with the help of Saraswathi Devi. Other names of Saraswathi Devi are Kalaivani, and Vagdevi.

Invoke Goddess Saraswati to improve the academic rank and stand with students to get good marks and knowledge and to boost their career life. Saraswathi homam is performed by the working professionals like teachers, professors, researchers or spiritual people who are into the world of education.


Saraswati Poojai

Benefits of Performing Saraswati Homam

  • Sharpens your skill sets
  • Most recommended for students aspiring for academic success and excelling in examinations
  • Best divine help for children, before their examinations
  • Children facing difficulties while learning get good results
  • Experience smooth sailing in all literary pursuits
  • Energize you with the unique power to accomplish your goals
  • Instill confidence in the individual to achieve great success
  • Saraswati Homam will help one attain High Intellectual and analytical Skills and empower one with high Self-esteem thereby making you highly competitive in your academic exams or tests and it will help you in attaining positive results.
  • Recommended by vedic scholars for anyone who has speech/communication-related problems. It also helps in curing defect like stammering.
  • Saraswati Homam improves our Logical Reasoning skills, concentration, memory power, focus and our ability to understand complex things.

Pooja Samagri List for Saraswathi Homam:

1)Turmeric powder – 100 gms
2) Kumkum – 1 Packet
3) Sandalwood Paste/Powder – 1 Packet
4) Agarbatti – 1 Packet
5) Camphor – 1 Packet
6) Flowers – 4 Bunches
7) Fruits – 12 Bananas and 5 variety fruits
8) Betel leaves and nuts – 15 + 15
9) Coconuts – 4 nos
10) Rice – 2.5 kg
11) Kalas vastram – 1 Towel or 2 Yards fabric
12) Coins (quarters) – 20
13) Naivedyam – Devotees choice
14) Ghee – 500 grams
15) Sugar candy (Kalakanda) – 1 Packet

16) Rice (Cooked) – 1 Cup
17) Deepam Oil – As required
18) Match box 1
19) Cotton wicks
20) Kalasam
21) Panchapatra Udharini
22) Trays 4 nos
23) Small Cups 5 nos
24) Asirvada New dresses

Our Service Assurance

Pureprayer offers Saraswati Homam services at your home, puja mandirs, homa kuteeras, temples or any location of your choice. Our package includes the Purohit charges & Puja Samagri. All our purohits, vadhyars are well experienced and are from reputed vedic patashalas.

Service Includes

  • Astrology support to help devotees with puja related queries
  • Purohit and puja materials
  • Transparent puja pricing and explanation of procedures
  • If traveling, all transfers from devotee location to Temple and local transportation in AC vehicles
  • Event planning and arrangements
  • Booking of Budget or Luxury accommodation at location
  • Leisure and sightseeing trips (on-request)
  • Sattvik food at location

Online Puja & Homam Service

Pureprayer offers online homam and puja services for devotees who cannot be present in-person at the pooja location. We perform all poojas and homas at any of our network of pooja mandirs, Kshetras and Homa Kuteeras. Our qualified vedic purohits will perform the pooja as per the prescribed procedures with a sankalpam. We can create a short video of the sankalpa along with the mantra chanting and sent to the devotee on WhatsApp. If the devotee prefers to remotely participate during the pooja or homam, we can connect with the purohits at pooja mandirs via a live video call using any of the video calling apps (WhatsApp, Zoom, Duo or Skype).

Saraswati Homam

Saraswati Homam & Poojai at Kshetra

Frequently asked questions

When to perform Saraswati Pooja?

Saraswati homam can be performed once in a year to gain wisdom. It is believed that performing Saraswathi Homam or saraswathi poojai on a Thursday, Friday and Panchami and Saptami with Moola Nakshtra is best to get the finest results.

Why perform the Saraswati Homa or Saraswathi Pooja?

Saraswati Homam improves our Logical Reasoning skills, concentration, memory power, focus and our ability to understand complex things. Goddess Saraswati can instill confidence in the individual to accomplish great success. The Goddess of intelligence, memory power and other soft skills, she can bestow you the power to stand unique among the other thousands of people around.

Where to perform Saraswathi Homam?

Saraswathi Poojai or homam can be performed at your homes or at any holy kshetra or temples

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