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Kamalashile is a small town about 35km from Kundapura in Dakshina Kannada. Durga Paramaeshwari temple in this Kshetra is said to be a very ancient, and the exact time of installation is not available. However, this Kshetra is believed to have been mentioned in Sahyadri Kanda of the Skanda Purana. The background of how Durga Parameshwari in the form of Linga came into existence is exciting. A danseuse named Pingala in Kailash was cursed by Parvati for display of ego and had to do penance in the Sahyadri region. Parvati took the Avatar of Durga descended in this region to get rid of Kharasura and Rattasura. Durga Parameshwari appeared before Pingala who was performing penance in a cave named after Suparshva, and told her to go to Mathura. Pingala who had become an ugly and dwarf because of the curse got relief by Lord Krishna in Dwapara Yuga and later turned into a river stream who would was away all sins. Sage Raikwa requested Durga Parameshwari to keep here presence in this region and bless people which Devi obliged. 

Performing Pujas, Homas here is said to give amplified results as the Kshetra was a sacred ground sought by many sages and divine personalities. ‘Chandika Yaag’ done here is a much sought after homa.

Sri Krishna Murthy Adiga of Kamalashile Kshetra is a renownd Pandit and astrologer with vast experience in performance of Pujas and Homas. He has been conducting religious services since 2005.

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