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Mandarti Sri Durga Parameshwari Kshetra is a very ancient religious Kshetra located about 25km from Udupi, Dakshina Kannada of Karnataka State. Durga Parameshwari is said to have protected King Deva Varma of Hemadri and his wife Jalajakshi, when in the Ashrama of Sage Sudeva Muni from the attacks of demons Mahisha and Mahodara. After this incident, Goddess Durga ordered the king that her image obtained from the river Varahi be installed and her divine presence would be in the region forever.

Another legend says that the name Mandarti has been derived from the name of daughter of Shankhachuda, who was the king of Nagaloka. He had five daughters. They all desired to be married to Sri Kumaraswamy, the son of Lord Shiva and went to Kailash. They were stopped by Nandi and he cursed them to return to earth and become snakes again. Sage Vyaghrapada, who chanced upon them, took mercy on them and said that curse would be relieved very soon. When Devavarma, saw the snakes in distress and tried to save them, one of the snakes known as ‘Manda Rati’ slid out and settled in a forest region that came to be called Mandarti after her.

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