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  • Book Pandits to perform Tripindi Shraddha for Pitru Dosh problems
  • Shraddhas and Tarpans to ancestors

Sethu Karai is a holy place in the region known as Vibheeshana Sharanagati Kshetra, relating to the incident of Lord Rama coming here in search of Sita and building the bridge to demon Ravan’s Swarnalanka. Sethukarai is very near to ‘Rameswaram’ and about 68km or a 90minute ride and 20 minute ride from Ramanathapuram.
Another special event that takes place here is the Teerthavari Utsavam performed in the Phalgunamasa every year. A procession consisting of deities Lord Rama and Lord Jagannatha Perumal is carried out, that involves other religious activities like holy dip or sacred bathing. With this religious background, it is considered very auspicious to conduct, perform and take part in religious pujas in this Sharanagati Kshetra.
Vid. Srikanth Iyengar is one of the popular Purohits in Sethu Karai, Tamil Nadu. He has special expertise in performing Tila Homa, Sarpa Shanti Homa, Navagraha Homa and Swayamvara Kala Parvati Homa among a repertoire of Shanti Homas.

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