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Suryanar temple or Suryanar Kovil is a temple dedicated to Lord Sun located about 14km from the temple-town of Kumbhakonam in Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity is Sun and his consorts Usha and Chaya. The temple also has separate shrines for the other eight Grahas (Planets). The present temple structure was built during the reign of Cholas in the 11th century CE. The Navagrahas are believed to provide both good and bad effects for any individual and the bad effects are mitigated by visiting the temple and offering prayers. Lord Sun is facing west in this Kshetra. Lord Guru has been installed facing the sun to absorb the ill effects of Sun. Surya is known as the giver of health, success and prosperity. Pongal and Ratha Saptami are two major festivals celebrated at this Kshetra in full pomp. Devotees suffering from Sade Saat (Saturn period of seven and half years) are advised to perform Pujas in this Kshetra to reduce the impacts of Saturn. Talavasam, a Vrat of visiting this Kshetra for 12 Sundays is very popular here. Is is considered very auspicious to perform Surya Homa and Navagraha Homa in this Kshetra.


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