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warnavalli Sameta Mukteeshwarar temple in Poonthottam village of Mayiladuthurai (formerly Mayavaram) is about 34km from Kumbhakonam. This is a very ancient place of worship and regarded as a Mukti Sthala. This place is also known as Thilatarpanapuri. Thilatarpanapuri also had a name of Sithalapathi.

In Treta Yuga, Lord Rama had performed Shraddha to his father Dasharatha in this region as ordered by Lord Parameshwara. When Rama performed the ceremony and offered the four ‘Pindas’, it is believed that they turned in to four Shiva Lingams. These can be seen in the Prakaram(corridor) of the Mukteeshwarar temple. Goddess Parvati is called Aralmigu Swarnavalli in this temple.

Another shrine of interest is of Nara Ganapati here. Nara Ganapati is also known as Adi Viayaka and represents the form of Ganapati before he was beheaded by Lord Parameshwara and his head replaced with that of an elephant.

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