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When you visit Uthamar Perumal Koil Kshetra, which is also known as Pichandarkovil, You are in a special Kshetra where the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Hindu religion Barhma-Vishnu and Shiva are in one place. Lord Shiva was relieved of his ‘Doshas’ here. Lord Vishnu stood here in the form of a Kadamba tree. It is believed that families will prosper with prayers offered in this Kshetra.

Mother Gnana Saraswathi, without Veena, but with palm leaves and Japa Mala in her hands graces from a shrine to the left of Lord Brahma. Special pujas are performed to Lord Brahma on Jupiter transition day – Guru Peyarchi. You will get darshan of the ‘Holy Trinity’ at Uthamar Perumal Koil Kshetra.

You can perform Kalyanotsavam, Sudarshana Homam, Navagraha Homam in Uthamar Perumal Koil Kshetra. Uthamar Perumal Koil Kshetra is chosen for performing wedding anniversaries and various Shanti  Pujas seeking longevity and prosperity.

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