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Pratyangira Homa

Pratyangira Homa is very fierce form of Yaag performed to appease the divine mother in order to get rid of enemies, evil eye, Black-magic and create positive vibrations leading to peace and harmony in your persona.

Pratyangira Homa is performed to drive out all the negativity filled in you which could be due to the evil eyes or negative forces. Pratyangira Devi with her divine and positive energy would shower benevolence and form a protective shield resulting in peace, success and happiness in all your endeavours.

Pratyangira Homa is effective in removing mental trauma, evil eye, negative and dark energy acting on you.

Days of Amavasya (New moon), Ashtamee, which occur on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays are considered the most auspicious to perform Pratyangira Homa.

Pratyangira is divine mother with the lion headed form.

Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu took the Avatar to slay the demon Hiranyakshipu. He would not calm down afterwards. All the sages and other gods approached Lord Shiva and requested him to calm down Narasimha and save the universe.

Shiva agreed and appeared in his special form as Sharabha (a creature said to devour lions and elephants) before Lord Narasimha. Sharabha Form of Shiva was torn apart. Goddess Lakshmi took her tantric form as Sri Narasimhi (that came to be called Pratyangira) and succeeded in calming Ugra Narasimha to Peaceful form known as Soumya Narasimha.

Pratyangira, Shulini, Siddhakubjika, Raktakali, Aghora, Vatuka Bhairava, Sharabheshwara, Narasimha, and Sudarshana are some of the deities said to possess powers that can act against any destructive forces in the nature.


  • Triumph over enemies
  • Drive out negativity
  • Remove evil eye
  • Overcome mental trauma

Our Service Assurance

  • Pandit/Purohit services for all requirements in Bangalore performed by Gurukul certified Vedic scholars who can speak and communicate in your language like English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu etc
  • Expertise in Pujas, Homas, Pariharas, Rites and rituals, Shodash Samskars
  • Punctuality in delivering Purohit services

Our Service Includes

  • Selection of place or Kshetra
  • Puja Samagri along with other arrangements at the venue
  • Multi-lingual Purohits

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We can customize Pratyangira Homa to your requirements and needs along with necessary astrological support for arriving at Muhurtams (Mahurat). Our Purohit services are available in Whitefield, Hebbal, Marathalli, Sarjapur road, KR Puram, Banasavadi, Yeshwanthapuram, Rajajinagar, Malleshwaram, Jayanagar, Basavanagudi, Srinagara, Girinagara, Vijaynagar, AECS Layout, HAL, Bellandur, HSR Layout, HRBR Layout, Madiwala, Maruti Nagar, Koramangala, Indiranagar, Mahadevpura and more.
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