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Ganesha Puja Vidhi Video in BENGALI

PurePrayer is presenting Ganesh Puja Vidhi Video available On Demand to perform Puja in the comfort and safety of your home. Watch the video and perform Vara Siddhi Vinayak Vrat Puja as prescribed.

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Access our Video On Demand for GANESHA PUJA VIDHI in BENGALI

Ganesh Puja is that one festival, which is awaited with a lot of enthusiasm by kids and elders alike, across India. The market streets are lined with all kinds of Ganesha Idols, some smaller ones made of natural clay and other large ones in vibrant colors.

While Ganesha is a widely worshipped god, it is important to ensure proper procedure is followed as per one’s tradition, with the whole ‘Shodoshopacharas’ (the 16 vidhis) done with utmost reverence. Although the festival brings a lot of joy and creates a festive atmosphere, people get stressed out when they can’t find a right Pandit or a Purohit to guide and perform the puja with devotion, especially as per their traditions.

For Ganesha Puja in Bengali, click the following link to access our Video, explained by a Vedic Bengali Pandit in Bengali.

Pureprayer is a leading App based and online platform offering Purohit Services of experienced and Vedic Pandits, Purohits, Panthulu, Vadhyars in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gaya, Gurugram, Hardwar, Hyderabad, Kashi, Mumbai, Pune, Mysuru and many more Metro Cities of India.Pandits are available in Online, Offline or Remote support format.

Please visit or call us on +91 8151002255, WA No: +91 9606052956 to learn more about booking online Pandits/Purohits for all Pujas, Havans and many more.

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