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Maha Rudra Homa in Pashupatinath – Nepal On May 08, 2022

Book & Participate in Maha Rudra Homa being organized by PurePrayer in Pashupatinath of Nepal on May 08, 2022


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Maha Rudra Homa in Pashupatinath – Nepal On May 08, 2022

Book and participate in Maha Rudra Homa Online being organized by PurePrayer on May 08, 2022 in Pashupatinath in Nepal.

Maha Rudra Homa Importance

Maha Rudra Homa is a powerful Fire-Lab ritual that aims to purify a person’s inner spiritual system, all deeply rooted disorders by invoking the grace of Sri Rudra.

Rudra means Shiva, the destroyer of all the forces of evil. As the supreme Lord of the universe, he gives you inner peace, gives you all the pleasures of this world. Rudra has control of the nine planets and therefore controls all time and space.

Sri Rudradhyayam is a long section of Yajur Veda Samhita. There are eleven Anuvakas or chapters in Sri Rudra and also eleven Anuvakas in Chamaka Prashna. Rudradhyayam praises Lord Shiva and the chamaka anuvakas direct our prayers to Lord Rudra. These Prayers ask him to provide us with all the things essential for life.

Benefits of Maha Rudra Homa

  • Protection from dark malefic forces
  • Helps to overcome your fear and troubles
  • moderating your negative propensities
  • Positive vibrations created helps attain a peace of mind
  • Harmony at work and at home

Pashupatinath Temple

Sri Pashupatinath Temple situated on the banks of River Bhagamati in Devpatan, a village about three km from the state capital Khatmandu in Nepal is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shivalingam here with four faces is said to have been worshipped by Pandavas. This can only be a pointer to establish the age of this ancient temple. Pashupatinath means the one who protects the innocent.

This temple is said to have been built several times so far. Last built by the Nepal king Bhupatendra Mall in 17th Century CE, the temple is in Pagoda style with, copper clad roof covered in gold. This abode of Lord Shiva has four entrances clad in silver. The Pashupatinath temple has a very old connect with Karnataka State in India right from 11th Century CE. The Purohits of the temple are selected by the Pontiff of Sringeri Sharada Peetham.

Prasadam Details

Maha Rudra Homa in Nepal Pashupatinath Prasadam
Rs.999 Package

(Sankalpa for 1 Member Only)

Rs.1499 Package

(Sankalpa for 4 Members)

Homa Raksha Homa Raksha
Vibhuti Vibhuti
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108 Beads Rudraksha Maala Medium


Extra Rudraksha Maala on request with additional cost:

Rudraksha Maala Details
Rudraksha Mala Small Medium Big
54 Beads Rs.100 Rs.250 Rs.750
108 Beads Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.1500

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