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As per Hindu scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads and Dharma Shastras taking birth as human being amongst 84 lakh species in creation is rare and difficult which is taught by our Sages and Acharyas who were well worsed in scriptures so a number of rituals has to done from birth to death of a human being. The total number of rituals is 16 which is known as Shodasha Samskaras. The rituals done after the death of a person come under Uttara Kriya / antyeshti. Amongst the 16 Samskars, the first fifteen are done by the parents to their child during life, while the son does the sixteenth kriya or last rite for after-life. Uttara Kriyas are performed upto 13 days after the death. This involves multiple procedures like Asthi Visarjana in holy waters and pinda pradana, starting after the dahana samskara.

Effects of Performing & Non-performing :

  • If Uttara Kriya is performed in right way soul get released from the bond and it will get new subtle body for starting new journey of a new life. So a debt is paid back to pitru devatas. Because of which one individual gets body senses and mind through which individual enjoys different pleasures of life.
  • Non performing effects of uttara kriya will be curse of pitru devatas which will lead to progenital problems, delay in marriage, diseases to children self loss of wealth, loss of fame, leading to destruction and carrying same wrath to next life.

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