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Kumbakonam is famous for temples that are believed to have existed during the Sangam age. Kumbakonam was more popular as ‘Kudamukku’. Many legends are associated with the creation of Kumbakonam. Temples of Kumbakonam were built and developed under many rulers like early and medieval Cholas, Pallavas, Pandyans, Vijayanagar Empire, Madurai and Tanjavur Nayaks.

Pureprayer organizes customized Kumbakonam Temple Yatras and tours from various metro cities. You have several choices in SpiRitual Journeys Yatra packages like visiting Adi Kumbeswarar temple, Cholanadu Divya desam temples and many others. Round the year festivities at these temples add colour to your memories.

Why Kumbakonam Yatras?

Grandeur of temples in and around Kumbakonam, the marvelous architecture used in the construction of the massive temples are mind blowing. Exquisitely carved pillars, wall paintings that depict scenes from Puranas hold a mirror to the knowledge and techniques that existed as early as 9th Century CE. There are around 188 temples in Kumbakonam. You will get to see the architectural splendor and beauty of the temples, feel the vibes of positivity through the rituals performed at these ancient temples.

Shopping for Panchaloha idols, silk products, brass and unique metal wares will make for a memorable Yatra experience. Savoring Kumbakonam degree coffee is a must do for the coffee connoisseur.

Mystic Temples Of Shiva Yatra Starts from Kumbakonam
  • Kampaheswarar Sarabeswarar Temple – Thirubhuvanam
  • Mahalingeswarar Temple – Thiruvidaimarudhur
  • Sivayoga Naathar Temple – Thiruvisanallur
  • Karkadeshwarar Temple
  • Sri Vanchinathar Temple
  • Uma Maheswarar Temple – Koneriraja Puram
  • Manokkiyanathar Temple
  • Mahamaham Tank & Nearby Temples
  • Kasi Viswanathar Temple
  • Thenupureeshwarar Durgai Temple – Patteeswaram
  • Airavateswarar Temple – Darasuram
  • Sakthivaneswarar Temple – Thirusakthimutram
  • Vadaranyeswarar Temple – Thiruvaalangadu
  • Praananatheswarar Temple – Thirumangalakudi
Included in Package:

  • Premium hotel stay / homestay at Kumbakonam
  • All transfers and visits by Air-conditioned vehicle
  • All tolls, parking charges, driver BATA & Guide charges
Best time for Kumbakonam Yatra:
You can take up Kumbakonam Yatra or tour throughout the year. However, the weather is said to be pleasant during the months between November to February.

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