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Green Birthday: Plant a Sacred Tree on your star birthday

It is your birthday! Cakes, cards, phone calls, flowers, and what not. It is your special day. Your date of birth, the date you were born according to the Gregorian Calendar. It is indeed a happy occasion. There could be many other occasions like milestone birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other special days when you are loaded with love and wishes.

This year, how about celebrating your birthday the ancient Vedic way with PurePrayer?

Celebrate your birthday on the day of your Janma Nakshatra. Janma Nakshatra is your birth star—the star on which the moon was situated at the time of your birth. As per astrology, Janma Nakshatra plays a decisive role in our lives; it determines our character, our personality, and our actions, and plays an important role in shaping our destiny.

It is also believed that appeasing one’s Jamna Nakshatra (Nakshatra Devata) by performing Janma Nakshatra Shanti Homam, pleases the ruling God/Goddess of the Nakshatra and brings a favourable turn of events in life by warding off negativities and ushering in opulence, happiness, health, and peace of mind. Performing this Nakshatra Shanti Homa is also believed to nullify doshas in the horoscope (malefic planetary positions in the horoscope). Which is why celebrating special days traditionally with Pujas, Homa and Havan has so much emphasis in the Hindu-Vedic way of life.

To help you go back to your roots and celebrate your special days traditionally, PurePrayer has arranged Nakshatra Shanti Homa for all 27 Nakshatras.

When do we perform Nakshatra Shanti Homas?

Nakshatra Shanti Homa can be performed on your star birthday every year, for Milestone-Birthdays like Shashtiabhda Poorti (60 years), Bhimaratha Shanti (70 years), Shatabhishekam (80 years), and so on. Not just Milestone Birthdays, Nakshatra Shanti Homam can also be performed for Wedding Anniversaries. Performing this homa on the 27th day of a baby’s birth (which will be the day of the baby’s birth star) is considered very auspicious and significant according to Vedic Astrology.

Janma Nakshatra Vriksha Puja

Celebrating your special days with homam/havan and thanking the divine is one of the happy ways to do it. Now how about adding a bit of thanking nature to your celebrations? Did you know your Janma Nakshtra is associated with a divine, sacred tree? Yes, your birth star is linked to a divine tree. As per Vedic Astrology, offering worship to your Janma Nakshatra Tree is said to give you an immense amount of merit.

It is imminent that human beings have to live in harmony with nature. As per Vedic philosophy, our birth stars and the ruling constellation are formulated to take care of prakriti, the environment. Taking the essence of this beautiful layer of co-existence between humans and nature, we at PurePrayer have organised the Janma Nakshatra Vruksha Puja.

Planting saplings of Janma Nakshatra Vriksha

In olden days, there was a practice. When a child was born, the parents planted a sapling that concurred with the birth star of the child and nurtured the sapling like how they would nurture the child. There are 27 Nakshatra Vrikshas that represent 27 Nakshatras.

Astrology says that planting and nourishing saplings that concur with our Janma Nakshatra and Janma Rashi is auspicious and is believed to herald positivity like high merit, good health, and divine knowledge. Janma Nakshatra Vriksha Puja is said to free the native from ailments and financial worries and raise their social status. It was not without any essence that our Vedic scriptures and our ancestors believed in worshipping trees and plants.

PurePrayer envisions to reinvent this beautiful tradition of being one with nature and Mother Earth. On your special day, you can plant a sapling at the Nakshatra Vriksha Vana in Tamil Nadu. Your sapling will be taken care of by us. And with each of your birthday, you can witness the sapling growing into a plant and tree – nature emerging with you. What better ways can there be to give to the nature which has only given the best to you?

दशपुत्रो समो द्रमुः। One tree is equal to ten sons

According to texts from Vrikshayurveda, component of Agnipurana, planting one tree will do you as much good as ten sons will. Our Vedic Hindu culture sees the divine trinity in Ashwattha Vriksha. Trees are compared to Lord Shiva because trees consume carbon dioxide and give back oxygen to the other living species like how Lord Shiva consumed poison to protect the world.

Planting a sapling adds on to the merits of your deeds. This innovative idea amounts to keeping your Janma Nakshatra deity happy. But at PurePrayer we also see this as an opportunity to give back to nature what we get. However clichéd it may sound – As responsible citizens it is our responsibility to rejuvenate our distressed environment and here is a chance to do it.

In a world, where party buntings, plastic banners and birthday caps that choke our beautiful earth, form a major part of any celebrations, plant your Janma Nakshatra sapling on your Janma Nakshatra.

Know Your Janma Nakshatra Tree

Nakshatra Name of Janma Nakshatra Vriksha Common name
Ashwini Mushti (Strychnine Tree) Kuchila/Poison nut Tree
Bharani Amala (Gooseberry Tree) Amla Tree
Krithika Audumbar (Fig Tree) Gular Tree
Rohini Jambu (Java PlumTree) Jamun Tree
Mrigasira Deerghapatrak Indian Ebony Tree
Aardra/Arudra Khadira Cutch Tree
Punarvasu BahuPallav/Vamshi Bamboo Tree
Pushya Ashwattha Peepal Tree
Ashlesha Kamboja/Punnag Nagchampa Tree
Magha Vata Vriksh Banyan Tree
PurvaPhalguni Palash Flame of forest Tree
UttaraPhalguni Audumbar/Plaksha White Fig Tree
Hastha Yugmapatrak Aaptaa/Kathmauli Tree
Chitra Sriphal Bilva Tree
Swathi Shami Vriksh Arjuna Tree
Vishakha Haritaki Harada (Myrobalan)
Anuradha Vakul Bullet Wood Tree
Jyeshta Akshadhara (Sand Paper Tree) Toothbrush tree
Moola Aamra Mango Tree
Purvashada Vetram Slender Rattan Cane
Uttarashada Panasa Vriksh Jackfruit Tree
Sravana Arka Tree Calotropis/Milkweed
Dhanishta Kantkaluka Five leaf yam
Shatabisha Kadamba Kadamba Tree
Purvabhadra Aamra Mango Tree
Uttarabhadra Bhu Nimba Neem Tree
Revati Madhuka (Indian Butter Tree)


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