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Sudarshana Homa | Sudarshan Havan

Sudarshana Homa is a fire ritual ceremony dedicated to Sri Vishnu or Sri Narasimha Swamy through his weapon Sudarshana Chakra. Sudarshan Havan can help you ward off the malefic or negative forces, protect you from evil eyes and grant courage to stand up against adverse enemies, bad planetary positions, many more.

Importance of Sudarshana Homa or Sudarshan Havan:

Sudarshana Homam is performed to seek the benevolence of Lord Vishnu through his possession of Sudarshana, in the form of deity with 16 hands. “Su” means the right. “Darshana” means vision. When Sudarshan is invoked with prayers, it sets out to fulfil the Ishtakaamya of the devotee. This Homam can remove malefic effects of evil spirits, troubles caused by enemies and witchcraft. Sudarshan Havan is performed for protection from evil eyes; dark malefic forces; success in business, work and life.

Performing Sudarshana Homam helps in many ways: Fulfils Ishtakaamya (desire) like Good health and longevity; Brings peace and harmony in life; Restore wealth and prosperity.

According to scriptures, there are ten types of Mantrik effects called Marana (Death), Ucchatana (Separation), Mohana (hypnotism), Vidveshana (misunderstanding), Mantra, Tantra (spell), Visha Prashan, Prayog, Abhichara (black magic) and Krutrima (deception). Performing Poojas to Sudarshan chakra is said to cut through these Mantrik effects.

In the Ahirbhudhnya Samhita, we can find a mention about Sudarshana. When we suffering from the afflictions caused by incurable diseases, sorcery, or enemies and offer prayers to Sudharsana, he comes in his fierce form to protect. When the last rites of the dead are not performed properly it might sometimes result in the sufferings of the progeny belonging to later generations. Scriptures state that performing the Sudharsana homa could alleviate the sufferings of this nature.

Sudarshan Havan can help overcome obstacles that are blocking your path and reach your goals.

Sudarshana Chakra

Sudarshana Chakra is a weapon of Lord Vishnu which confronts, cuts and clears the malefic and dark evil forces paving the way for a new start, progress, success and growth.

Earliest mention of Sudarshana Chakra is in Rigvedam. Many Puranas like Brahma Purana, Skanda Purana, Vihnu Purana and others also mention the extraordinary powers of Sudarshana Chakra. Vishwakarma, the architect of Gods is said to have created this Sudarshana from Surya (Sun). It has tremendous power to clear everything that comes in way of obstacles, enemy or dark forces. Lord Vishnu used the Sudarshan chakra during Samurdra Manthan (the Great Churn) to cut through the demon Swarbhanu who then became Rahu and Ketu.

We can find many temples in India, where Lord Sudarshan has been consecrated. Deity is usually with four hands, eight hands, sixteen hands and eighteen hands. Sudarshan is also offered Pujas in the form of the Chakra (disc). Sudarshan Chakra which is also called Neelachakra can be seen in Puri Jagannath Temple. This has been made with amalgamation of eight different metals. This Sudarshan Chakra is fourteen feet in diameter and has eight spokes representing the five elements of nature, mind, knowledge and self. This has been explained by Shwetashvatar Upanishad.

Sudarshana Chakra Pooja is a highly recommended Tantrik solution for many problems.

Sudarshana Mantras

Sudarshana Mantras are believed to be equally powerful like Sudarshana Chakra and help destroy evil and negative forces around you. These Mantras are used in Sudarshana Homam to offer oblatons to Lord Vishnu through Lord Sudarshana seeking benevolence and protection against the evil dark forces. There are many other Sudarshana Mantras used in the Fire-Lab for different needs.

Sudarshan Gayatri mantra

|| औं सुदर्शनाय विद्महे |

| महा ज्वालाय धीमहि |

|| तन्नो चक्रः प्रचॊदयात् ||

|| ಓಂ ಸುದರ್ಶನಾಯ ವಿದ್ಮಹೆ |

| ಮಹಾ ಜ್ವಾಲಾಯ ಧೀಮಹಿ |

| ತನ್ನೊ ಚಕ್ರಃ ಪ್ರಚೋದಯಾತ್ ||

|| Om SudarshanAya vidmahe |
| mahA JwAlAya dhImahi |
| tanno chakraH prachOdayAt ||


Sudarshana Mantra

|| ऒं सुदर्शन चक्राय माम् सर्व कार्य विजयम् देहि देहि ऒं फट् ||

|| ಓಂ ಸುದರ್ಶನ ಚಕ್ರಾಯ ಮಾಮ್ ಸರ್ವಕಾರ್ಯ ವಿಜಯಮ್ ದೇಹಿ ದೇಹಿ ಓಂ ಫಟ್ ||

|| OM sudarshana cakrAya mAm sarva kArya vijayam dehi dehi OM phaT ||


Meaning of Sudarshana Mantra

Salutations to Sudarshana who protects the good, terror for the bad and who destroys evil.

Sudarshan Yantra

Sudarshan Yantra prepared using sheets of copper, silver or gold and given energy (Read as life) through Pujas in various steps along with Homam and are often used as a protection against the evil or dark malefic forces. They are prepared for personal protection, protection of home, office or business places.

Sudarshana Homam in Kshetras

PurePrayer can make arrangements to perform Sudarshana Homam or Sudarshan Havan in many important Teertha Kshetras across India. We offer the services of well-experienced Pandits, Panthulu, Purohits or Vadhyars to perform Sudarshana Homam in these Kshetras. Our services are available in Gaya, Gokarna, Hardwar, Kumbakonam, Srirangapatna and many others.

Nathan Kovil Divyadesam

Naathan Kovil is the 16th Divya Desam Vishnu temple near Kumbakonam of Tamil Nadu State among the 108 Divyadesam temples. Lord’s name is Srinivasan (Jagannathan) and Goddess name is Shenbagavalli Thaayar (Campakavalli). Puranas mention that, Nandi and Mahalakshmi performed tapas here.

The place Nathan Kovil has other names as Thiru Nandipura Vinnagaram (ನಾಥನ್ ಕೋಯಿಲ್ ತಿರು ನಂದಿಪುರ ವಿಣ್ಣಗರಂ), ThiruNandipuram and so on.

Divya Desam Temples are those Vishnu temples that have been visited & canonised with Tamil hymns by at least one of the 12 Vaishnava Alwar saints between 4th Century AD to 10th Century AD. Naathan Koil is the 16th Divya Desam of the 108 Divya Desams.

Samoohika Sudarshana Homam in Tamil Nadu (Swathi Nakshatram Special)
Participate in Sudarshana Homam Online in Kumbkonam being organized by PurePrayer on the auspicious occasion of Swati Nakshatram occurring on December 20, 2022 seeking Protection, Success, Health, wealth and prosperity.

You can watch the event Live in our PurePrayer FaceBook page.

You can Book for Samoohik Sudarshana Homam here:

Sudarshana Homam | Kumbakonam | Dec 20

Who should perform Sudarshana Homa or Sudarshan Havan?

Sudarshana Homa or Sudarshan Havan Puja should be performed by those troubled in business, facing financial difficulties, lacking confidence, affected by any kind of negativity and negative spirits. Homa should be performed by all seeking protection from evil eye, black magic, negative entities and negative spirits.

Sudarshana Homa Benefits | Sudarshan Havan Benefits
  • Protection from obstacles, enemies or dark negative forces
  • Benevolence of Lord Srihari through Sudarshan
  • Relief from diseases, disharmony and unexplained tragedies
  • Protection against accidents, thefts and death

Frequently Asked Questions on Sudarshana Homa | Sudarshan Havan

Why is Sudarshana Homa performed?

Sudarshana Homam is performed to destroy negative energies, for protection against evil eye and evil spirits. It helps to protect from black magic and dark spells. The homa purifies the area and restores positive energy and health.

When should I perform Sudarshana Homa?

Best time to perform Sudarshana Homa or Sudarshan Havan is during Vaishakhamaas, Kartikmaas, Margasheershmaas, and Maaghmaas.

Which day of the week is good for performing Sudarshana Homa?                          

The best days to perform Sudarshan Homa are Ekadashi, Dwadashi or Paurnami Tithis. If these coincide with Budhvaar (Wednessday) or Shanivaar (Saturday), such days are considered more auspicious.

Where to Perform Sudarshana Homa?

Sudarhana Homa can be performed in your home, Mahavishnu temples or Kshetras like Gokarna, Kumbakonam, Srirangam, Srirangapatna and many more by our PurePrayer professional priests. You can contact our Support team to zero-in on the place to perform Sudarshan Havan Puja. There are other variants to Sudarshana Homam that would have to be performed away from the residences. Sudarshana Ucchatan Homam is one such example.

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