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Navagraha Yatra is a tour of Navagraha temples around Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu state. According to the Hindu astrology, Navagrahas are the celestial objects that strongly influence individuals and their Karma (path) in life. When you perform Navagraha Yatra, these celestial gods cast their benevolence and grace, thereby resulting in a happy, prosperous life.

Sage Vedavyas the author of Mahabharat has composed Navagraha Stotram, which underlines their importance.

|Om NamaH Suryaya Chandraya

MangaLaya Budhayacha|

Guru Shukra Shanibhyashcha

Rahave Ketave NamaH||

Navagraha Yatra is a must for devotees seeking health, wealth and prosperity in life and benevolence of Navagraha Devatas (Nine Planets).

Pureprayer offers Navagraha tour packages from Kumbakonam. Customized Yatra packages can be organised for individuals, families and groups. Navagraha Homas and Navagraha Pujas can be arranged at these Navagraha temples to make it an interesting journey for you and your family.

Navagraha Yatra
  • Yathra Starts from Kumbakonam
Day 1 Kumbakonam
  • Suryanaar Koyil – Thiruvidaimaruthur
  • Sukran Temple – Kanjanur
  • Gurustalam – Alangudi
  • Shaniswarar Temple – Thirunallar
Day 2 Kumbakonam
  • (Chandra) Temple – Thingalur
  • Rahu Temple – Thirunageswaram
  • Angaraka Temple – Vaideeswaran Koyil
  • Budhan Temple – Thiruvenkadu
  • Ketu Temple – Keezhaperumpallam

Included in Package

Premium hotel stay / homestay at Kumbakonam

All transfers and visits by Air-conditioned vehicle

All tolls, parking charges, driver BATA & guide charges


Best time for Navagraha Yatra:

You can take up Navagraha Yatra throughout the year. However, the weather is said to be pleasant during the months of November to February. Also the monsoon months from June to September are suggested for Navagraha Yatra.

Gurusthalam (Alangudi Temple)
Apatsahayeshwarar Temple of Alangudi is located in Thiruvarur District. It is auspicious to visit this Kshetra, before Guru (Jupiter) transits from one zodiac sign to another. This is regarded as a ‘Gurustalam’ (Abode of Jupiter) where Lord Dakshinamurthy is held in great reverence. Sages Shuka, Viswamithra, Agastya, Adi Shankara are believed to have worshipped this Swayambhu Lingam here.

Thirunallar Shaniswarar
Thirunallar Shaniswarar or Darbharanyeswaraar Temple is located in the small town of Karaikal of Puducherry. This is a very important and ancient temple where Lord Shani has been installed. Legends say that, king Nala of Nishaada kingdom during Dwaparayug, suffering from Shani Dosham was freed after taking bath in the pond nearby the temple and praying to Lord Shiva and Shaniswarar. Hence forth, the pond came to be called ‘Nalateertham’.

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