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Shani Shanthi Homa | Shaneshwara Homa

Book and perform Shani Shanthi or Shaneshwara Homa with best & experienced Vedic Pandits from PurePrayer to reduce the ‘Vakra drishti’ of Shani Graha.

The impact of Shani graha may cause health issues, fear from enemies, thieves, animals and ghosts. Shani Shanthi is performed to reduce the ‘vakra drishti’ of Shani Graha. During Saade saati, a person is believed to lose his charm, self-confidence, health and wealth. Shani Shanthi is the most recommended puja for anyone undergoing Saade saathi as per Janma kundali (horoscope).

Performing Shani Shanthi at a Shakthi Kshetra will bring better results.

Shani Shanthi At Kamalashile

Sri Brahmi Jyothishyalaya at Kamalashile offers Shani Shanti. This detailed puja is believed to reduce the ‘Vakra drishti’ of Shani graha. Performing Shani Shanthi at a Shakthi Kshetra will bring better results. PurePrayer provides the services of Shani Shanti and Special darshan and prasadams of Goddess Shri Brahmi Durgaparameshwari at Kamalashile.

Benefits of Shani Shanthi Homa

  • Bad position of Saturn in the birth chart causing a lot of issues can be minimized after performing Shani Shanti Homa
  • Relief from Saturn’s Vakra Drushti (curse) and bad karmic deeds as studied from the Birth-Chart
  • Wealth, prosperity and elevation in social status
  • Relief from debts
Samoohik Shani Shanti Homa in 2022
Book and participate in Samoohik Shani Shanti Homa Online being organized by PurePrayer on all Shanivar (Saturdays) in Sri Shanaischara Temple of Shivamogga (Shimoga).

Online Puja & Homam Service

Pureprayer offers online homam and puja services for devotees who cannot be present in-person at the pooja location. We perform all poojas and homas at any of our network of pooja mandirs, Kshetras and Homa Kuteeras. Our qualified vedic purohits will perform the pooja as per the prescribed procedures with a sankalpam. We can create a short video of the sankalpa along with the mantra chanting and sent to the devotee on WhatsApp. If the devotee prefers to remotely participate during the pooja or homam, we can connect with the purohits at pooja mandirs via a live video call using any of the video calling apps (WhatsApp, Zoom, Duo or Skype).

Our Service Includes

  • Astrologer or Purohit assistance for suitable date and time to perform Shani Shanti
  • Selection of a place or a Kshetra
  • Selection of an appropriate purohit (Iyer, Iyengar, Madhwa, Smartha etc)
  • All ‘Samagri’ (puja materials) along with other arrangements at the venue

PurePrayer is a leading App based and online platform offering Purohit Services of experienced and Vedic Pandits in Bangalore, North Indian Pandits in Bangalore, Tamizh Vadhyars in Bangalore, Telugu Purohit in Bangalore, Marathi Guruji, Malayalam Pandit and many more. Pandits are available in Offline or Remote support format.

We also offer Puja-Homa-Pariharas and SpiRitual Journeys-Darshan and Puja packages to several important holy and sacred destinations.

Please visit or call us on +91 8151002255, WA No: +91 9900821000 to learn more about booking online Pandits/Purohits for all Pujas, Havans and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Shani Shanthi Homa

Who should perform Shani Shanti Homa?

All those who are running their Shani Mahadasha, with Neecha Shani or debilitated Saturn can participate in the Samashti (Samuhik Shani ShantiHoma).

When should I perform Shani Shanti Homa?

You can perform Shani Preeti Homam after a consultaion with our astrologers, Pandits and arrive at a suitable time-frame.

Which day of week should i perform Shani Shanti Homa?

Saturday is highly advisable to perform Shani Shanti Homa.

Where can I perform Shani Shanti Homa?

You can perform Shani Shanti Homa in your home, convention halls or Teertha Kshetras. Pureprayer offers excellent Homa Kuteeram options in Teertha Kshetras across India.

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