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Shani Shanti Homa On Saturdays

Book and participate in Shani Shanti Homa Online being organized by PurePrayer on all Shanivar (Saturdays) in Sri Shanaischara Temple of Shivamogga (Shimoga)




Shani Shanti Homa On All Saturdays In Shanaischara Temple – Shimoga

Book and participate in Shani Shanti Homa Online being organized by PurePrayer on all Shanivar (Saturdays) in Sri Shanaischara Temple of Shivamogga (Shimoga).

You can watch the event Live in our PurePrayer FaceBook page.

Importance of Shani Shanti Homa

The impact of Shani graha may cause health issues, fear from enemies, thieves, animals and ghosts. Shani Shanthi is performed to reduce the ‘vakra drishti’ of Shani Graha. During Saade saati, a person is believed to lose his charm, self-confidence, health and wealth. Shani Shanthi is the most recommended puja for anyone undergoing Saade saathi as per Janma kundali (horoscope).

Performing Shani Shanthi at a Shakthi Kshetra will bring better results.

Benefits of Shani Shanti Homam

  • Bad position of Saturn in the birth chart causing a lot of issues can be minimized after performing Shani Shanti Homa
  • Relief from Saturn’s Vakra Drushti (curse) and bad karmic deeds as studied from the Birth-Chart
  • Wealth, prosperity and elevation in social status
  • Relief from debts
Shani Shanti Homam Dates in September 2022
Shani Shanti Homam Dates


Shani Graha

Shani is one of the children of Surya (Lord Sun) and Chaya Devi. Shani Jayanti is observed on Amavasya Tithi during Jyeshtha month as per Purnimant Panchangam (Hindu Calendar). According to Amavasyant  Panchangam, Shani Jayanti is celebrated on Amavasya Tithi during Vaishakha month. Shani Jayanti is marked as Birth Anniversary of Lord Shani.

Shani Graham is an important planet among the Navagraha planets as per Indian Vedic Astrology. According to the Vedic Astrology, the movements by of Shani Graham in the horoscope (Birth-Chart) affects marriage, children, education, career, business and many more important aspects of life.

While, Saturn or Shani is the most significant and most feared planet of the Navagraha as per Hindu traditions, in-reality Saturn is the most benevolent planet because he removes the sins of our past births and therefore known as Karmakaraka (Influencer of the work life). Shani is a slow-moving planet and his impact, either positive or negative will last for long. It takes about two and a half years for the planet to cross one zodiac sign. Shani is considered to be a malefic planet in astrology but bestows a person with great fame and wealth when in favourable position in the horoscope.

Impacts of Malefic Shani

When anyone faces a painful separation from parents, spouse or friends, it is quite possible that Shani’s position in the Janmakundali (Birth-Chart) is the cause. Shani in association with Shukra Graha (Venus) causes separation from spouse at most times as per Vedic astrology.

Favourable Shani in the Kundli can imbue a person with in-depth knowledge, sensibility, wisdom, justice, broadness of mind, honesty, patience, ability to work hard etc.

Shani can bless wealth, fortune, long life etc. when auspicious and well placed.

On the other hand, Malefic Shani position (Generally known as Neecha Shani) can make one sadistic, greedy, lazy, dishonest, fearful, irresponsible and prone to addiction. Shani causes obstruction, delay, grief, poverty, short life etc. He makes a person totally lonely, helpless and can make one suffer from enmity, theft, lawsuits etc. Bad Shani positions can also result in imprisonment, loneliness and grief. Shani is said to generally give chronic diseases and the person suffers for a long time.

Watch the Video of previously performed Shani Shanti Homa here:


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Book and participate in Samoohik Shani Shanti Homa Online being organized by PurePrayer on all Shanivar (Saturdays).


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