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Sivasakthi Yoga Vidya Kendram – Tripunithura

About Temple

Sivasakthi Yoga Vidya Kendram is a learning centre dedicated for the dissemination of the ancient technique of YOGA VIDYA, primarily intended for self realization. This technique is handed down to us by the sages of the yore. The learning centre is a wing of Vijnanabharathi where the art and science of Yoga Vidya is taught in the most traditional style giving equal importance to theory and practice.
Every day we hear many film stars testifying to the power of Yoga in enhancing their beauty and appeal. Many ladies young and old flock to yoga centers influenced by such statements. People from all walks of life attest to the power of yoga. Sportsmen unveil their secret of success as yoga. Artistes, scientists, politicians, everyone declares that yoga is an inevitable part of their daily routine…
Yoga has caught the fancy of all. From the monk to the movie star everyone takes to yoga though with different objects. What emerges from the cacophony of all these conflicting messages is that yoga is for all. It need not remain confined to the monks and ascetics. Interestingly many of the yoga masters were householders.
In this context some concepts that have gained currency are that it is dangerous to practice yoga without proper supervision and that yoga enjoins vegetarianism.
It is always advisable to learn yoga from genuine masters who belong to a holy lineage of Rishis. However learning materials like CDs, books etc need not be avoided. They can be of help in developing interest and gaining knowledge in yoga. Regarding vegetarianism yoga is of the view that human digestive system is designed for vegetarian food. But for those used to non vegetarian food for a long time a sudden switch may be difficult and ill advised. Gradually as one practices and imbibes the principles and spirit of yoga all undesirable habits fall off naturally.
It is true that at the physical level yoga has methods for rejuvenation, vitality etc. But yoga does not see bodily health as an end in itself. Nor is the feat of standing head over heels its sole concern. Yoga sees the body as a temple, the abode of the soul, the instrument through which the purpose of life is accomplished. The instrument has to be fine tuned and kept in fine fettle to realize this purpose. Yoga exercises or asanas have a direct effect on the internal organs and glands as well. These postures massages, cleanses and rejuvenates these organs- a feature unique to yoga alone.
Yoga has a profound effect at the mental level also. The practitioner is benefitted by increased capabilities of mental faculties. He will be blessed with extraordinary mental powers like prodigious memory, great will power, equanimity and peace of mind. Many powers that are beyond the ken of ordinary men will grace the seeker Yoga has specific techniques to enhance mental powers. At the same time yoga cautions against getting trapped in the lure of such powers as the real aim of yoga is much higher.
At the intellectual level also yoga works miraculously. The seeker will develop all eight powers of the intellect- quick grasping power, memory, skills of communication, expression, analysis, decision making, aesthetic sense, and research. Many hitherto latent qualities will become patent. In short yoga has the powers to transform a moron into a genius.

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