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Sri Sode Vadiraja Matha – Sonda

About Temple

Basically, this Matha was constructed by Sri Vadiraja. Later on, it has been renovated and improved with new construction. At the entrance of Sode, a lake known as Hayagriva Samudra is seen. It is the spot where thousands of horses disappeared after defeating the enemy army of Arasappa Nayaka. The Matha is in three stages. In upper stage, there is Trivikrama temple. The Trivikrama temple consists of inner shrine, chariot, corridor with the stone Mantapa. In inner shrine, the idol of Trivikrama, brought by Bhutaraja from Urdhvabadari is found installed by Vadiraja. In chariot portion, the statue of goddess Lakshmi is seen. The chariot has stone wheels. On the pillars of Mantapa, figures of many deities are beautifully carved. In the corridor, there is a well known as Akashaganga. Infront of the temple, there is a tall stone pillar, graced with the image of Vadirajaru seated on swan (Hamsarudha). This stone pillar is a stock sample and symbol proclaiming the unique greatness of Lord Trivikrama and Guru Vadirajaru. In north east direction, there is a holy and powerful presence of Sri Bhutaraja, known as Kshetrapalaka. Other than daily worship in the evening, special adoration is done on Phalguna month Shukla Chaturdashi every year. In the north west, historical stone inscription detailing the gifts donated by Arasappanayaka is seen. Carstreet for festivals, room accommodation in Trivikrama dhama and Rajadhama are also found in upper stage.


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